The New World is a vast continent of unexplored regions and untapped resources. As far as has been explored, it appears to be completely covered in ancient jungles and murky swamps. The region is populated by dangerous creatures native to the region: giant jungle cats, venomous serpents longer than a man, and according to rumor, primordial reptilian monstrosities. More than just wildlife makes the region deadly: ancient ruins have been found throughout the landscape, massive cut stone cities which display remarkable skill and artistry in their execution, as well as a completely alien thinking behind their design and layout. It is a testament to their builders that these ruins are hardly ruins at all, but are in astonishingly good condition – even the jungle has yet to encroach upon them. The New World is a land of lifeless gods and civilizations long since declined, even as it is a land filled with the atmosphere of growth and rebirth.

It was only a handful of years ago that the New World was discovered, and only a single year ago that a full colonization expedition made landfall there. The original settlers created a city, Bell, on the New World’s coast, and have been steadily and industriously expanding into the jungle over the past year. They have established the presence of civilization amidst the jungle savagery, and have sent a call back to the old world for settlers.

You are an adventurer aboard the second main wave of colony ships, on your way to the untold riches and exploits to be found in the New World!

Children of the New World