Tolzec Empire


The Tolzec are a race of giant humanoid saurians ranging from man-sized to over 9’ tall. They share many physical features with the dragonborn, but are made distinct from that race due to markedly more primal features.

Tolzec Temple-Cities

The party has encountered one temple-city, near the now-abandoned settlement of Azure. It appeared to be built out of yellow carved stone blocks, with most buildings taking the form of squat cubes or ziggurats. Motifs of feather-winged serpents were common, as were murals depicting diminitive Gelkari interacting with the larger Tolzec.


The Tolzec so far encountered by the party have been hostile to all of the “civilized races”, going so far as to sacrifice captured settlers to some dark purpose no doubt.

The “Red Gelkari” tribe appears to work with or for the Tolzec.

Tolzec Empire

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