Children of the New World

Session One: Cast Ashore

The party neared the coast of the New World, eager to find adventure, when disaster struck! The Seaworthy, the ship on which the party sailed, was wrecked on the shore by a sudden squall.

When the party awoke, they were among a dozen survivors on a rocky shoreline. Before the survivors could compare notes and plan a course of action, a ragged band of zombies marched out of the jungle! The party sprung into action and made quick work of their undead foes, much to the other survivors’ gratitude.

Threat abated, the wounded Captain Merrin requested the party travel north along the shores to locate aid, or at the very least, find out where exactly the Seaworthy had wrecked. The party obtained a compass and a general idea of their location from a friendly map-making dwarf from among the survivors, armed the most able-bodied with weapons and armor taken off of their freshly slain foes, and set forth.

Not far into the jungle, the heat and unfamiliar flora began to take their toll on the party’s stamina. Tired and distracted, they walked – literally – into a waiting trap on the jungle floor! The dragonborn paladin G’Kar Ka’Chop’Chop was entangled and dragged across a clearing, into the waiting clutches of a band of small reptilian foes later identified as Gelkari of the Red-Scale tribe. The human cleric Thanos and Halfling warlock Finnia McCools leapt to their associate’s aid, and together the three warriors defeated their reptilian foe. As the battle drew to a close, two blue frog-like creatures also calling themselves Gelkari entered the fray, this time aiding the party against the remaining enemies.

After the fight, the party and two blue Gelkari uneasily decided that they were friends, and set off toward a nearby settlement the frogmen knew of, called Azure.

At Azure, the Gelkari departed. In the settlement – for it was too small to be called a town – the party found the gruff barge captain Berke, and his aptly named barge, Berke’s Barge. After negotiation and some directly implied bodily harm, Berke agreed to sail south to the _Seaworthy_’s wreck and haul the survivors to Bell in the north.

The barge arrived at the Seaworthy at dusk as the tide rushed in, finding more undead sieging the survivors! The party once again leapt to their aid, fighting the steady flow of enemies to allow the survivors to carry their wounded onto Berke’s Barge. As the party fought, the tide continued to rush in, shrinking the effective area of combat until everyone was up to their knees (or in Finnia’s case, neck) in seawater. The fight reached its climax when a wight appeared and began to inflict serious harm on the party members. G’Kar and company refused to be defeated, however, and destroyed the powerful undead creature. However, as it fell its spirit rose up out of the body and fled off into the jungle. Would that be the last time the party encountered this creature?

Survivors aboard, Berke’s Barge set off north.



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